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Syndicate developer working on “Storm”, a new sci-fi shooter project

by William Schwartz


Syndicate had mixed reactions when it was released last year by EA and Starbreeze. The remake of the PC classic didn’t take hold at retail, but we liked it. (Syndicate Review) Mostly because Starbreeze makes good first person shooters, and it was a solid game. The developers have moved on from Syndicate and have recently announced a new game called Storm.

According to the studio’s website, Storm is a co-op sci-fi first person shooter. “It’s our future,” says Starbreeze.

No specifics were given aside from the genre and name of the next game, so its unclear whether the developers will be sticking to their traditional method of devlivery for this next game or if they would be re-upping on their free-to-play project, which had been shelved last year.

- This article was updated on:January 29th, 2013

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