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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Announced

The all time classic is getting a graphical upgrade.

by Alex Levine


One of the greatest action horror games of all time is getting some much needed love as developer Nightdive Studios has announced that they are now working on an Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2. Despite the lack of information with the reveal, a lot of fans are sure to be excited over this new version of the classic title.

No release date was announced for System Shock 2

For those who don’t know, System Shock 2 was originally released in 1999 by Looking Glass Studios. The game was a perfect blend of an action FPS and a horror simulation, mixed with a plethora of areas to explore, as well as constantly keeping the players on their toes. While the game didn’t meet sales expectations, it was critically acclaimed by reviewers and fans. This has only been emphasized over the years, with many in the gaming community stating that the title was well ahead of its time.

Since then, most of the former System Shock developers would go onto form Irrational Game Studios, which was headed by Ken Levine, the lead designer of System Shock 2. This would become an integral aspect for the studio, as their most well known title, Bioshock, was influenced greatly by the series. Arkane Studios Prey is also a prime example of how it was shaped by System Shock 2, as it takes place in a desolate space station in a horror setting.

System Shock 2 was beloved by fans and critics when it released back in 1999

System Shock 2 was re-released in 2013 by Nightdive Studios without any modifications, and in 2015 they released an Enhanced Edition of the first System Shock. It’s safe to say that Nightdive has a huge passion for the franchise, and we have little to no doubt that they will do the game justice with this Enhanced Edition. As we said earlier, no concrete information was given with this announcement, but hopefully the developer provides us with some more news sooner than later.

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