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A Tale of Two Nintendos

| July 31, 2013

A Tale of Two Nintendos News Nintendo  Nintendo Wii U Nintendo 3DS Nintendo

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So goes the story for Nintendo, which just recently revealed their Q1 earnings. First, the good news. The 3DS sold 1.4 million units globally between April and June, with roughly one million being the 3DS-XL. Globally, 3DS games sold 11 million units between April and June. Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold 1.19 million units in less than a month. Tomadachi Collection sold 1.39 million units despite being released only in Japan. Luigi’s Mansion sold 1.43 million units, with almost a million coming from the West. The Nintendo DS also sold 60,000 units despite Nintendo no longer forecasting sales for it.

A Tale of Two Nintendos News Nintendo  Nintendo Wii U Nintendo 3DS Nintendo

And now the bad news. Globally, the WiiU sold 160,000 units between April and June. That’s pitiful, especially when you consider that the Wii managed to sell 210,000 units during the same time span. WiiU games managed to sell 1 million units between April and June, which pales in comparison to the 3DS’ 11 million units. As Nintendo put it:

The worldwide sales of ‘Wii U’ hardware and software were 0.16 million units and 1.03 million units respectively mainly due to the release of few key first-party titles this quarter to strongly drive the hardware sales.

This also comes in light of recent news that ASDA will no longer be selling WiiU consoles or accessories in the UK anymore. However, all is not lost for Nintendo and the WiiU. From their earnings report on how they plan to turn things around for the WiiU:

For the ‘Wii U’ system, we will attempt to concentrate on proactively releasing key first-party titles from the second half of this year through next year to regain momentum for the platform. Starting with ‘Pikmin 3,’ which was released in Japan and Europe in July and will be released in the United States in August, we plan on releasing key titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD,’ ‘Wii Party U,’ ‘Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze,’ ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ and ‘Wii Fit U.’

Moreover, Nintendo strives to improve the sales by communicating the compelling nature of our hardware and software to as many people as possible through our new network service called ‘Miiverse,’ which offers an environment where people can empathize with others and share their gaming experiences. We also strive to improve hardware profitability by reducing its costs.

Nintendo has also released a chart with upcoming game releases for both the WiiU and the 3DS. Some notable highlights include Pikmin 3 (7/26/2013), New Super Luigi U (7/26/2013), Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (October 2013), Mario Kart 8 (Spring 2014) and Super Smash Bros. (2014) for the WiiU. For the 3DS, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros (7/12/2013), Pokemon X and Y (10/12/2013), Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds (end of 2013) and Super Smash Bros. (2014).

In total, Nintendo was able to post a profit of 88 million, which should help Satoru Iwata reach his goal of $1.1 billion profit by the end of March 2014.

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  • Allen

    They focus so freaking much on the 3DS. Every time a new game is announced I try to get excited for the WiiU but hey, it’s not on freaking WiiU it’s only on 3DS.

    There are only 2 good looking upcoming games and only 1 of them interests me.

    It’s good to see however that some of the older games do drop in price on the Wiiu unlike they did on the Wii. Looks like Batman Arkham City is only $25, which is still more than the PS3/360 versions but that’s better than the $40 mark many of the Wii games held or hold to this day. Wow I just looked up Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii – a 2010 game. Still $56.70 at Amazon.

  • Blarg

    Nintendo’s approach to the Wii U is wrong. They dress it up as another casual system, causing gamers to skip it, yet the controller looks like a gamer’s one so it deters the casual users who adopted Wii.
    The middle ground doesn’t work here.

  • Facts First

    I hear that Wii U is actually doing better than PS3 in US, that’s why sony wont release their numbers.

    • Blarg

      I highly doubt that. Sorry.

      • Allen

        LOL, do you not know that all he does is spout lame stupid $hit? That’s why he will never have any credit from a serious gamer.

        You and me, we don’t see eye to eye on hardly anything. But com’on man this guy is a fking idiot. You at least have some respectful posts. Ugly avatar :-) which accurately depicts the graphic quality of Xbox – ok just joking but surely we can agree on this.

        • GK15

          He’s kind of like the town drunk. You can’t take him seriously, but he’s good for a laugh every now and then.

  • GK15

    I was the biggest Nintendo fanboy from about 1986 until about 2000. I still laugh when I think about me and my friends ditching class in 11th grade to play the The Ocarina of Time demo at Best Buy.

    But then I grew up and Nintendo didn’t. Sad really, I was pretty disappointed when the Gamecube came out and was still targeted mostly at kids. PS/Xbox was for more mature gamers and I made the switch. I do still miss Zelda though…

    • James

      I don’t know why you were disappointed with them? Nintendo has always had their target market and its good this way. They cannont compete with hardware config against giants Sony and MS. Their only option was going for innovation and cheaper console.

      I really hope Nintendo’s wii u does well. I’ll probably be getting it in late 2014.

      • GK15

        Back in the Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo days, I think Nintendo had the superior hardware. Although, they were still more kiddie back then too. Mortal Kombat didn’t have blood while Genesis version did, etc. Sega seemed to have more teenage type games and an overall more mature vibe also. It didn’t really matter to me as I was still a kid then and was the biggest Nintendo fanboy out there.

        Then the PSX and Sega Saturn came out. I believe Nintendo’s (at the time) next gen console was delayed and was going to be called the Ultra 64. The Ultra 64 was supposed to dominate all and set a new standard. It was rumored at first to come with a CD drive and I was a little surprised when it didn’t. It came with a cartridge and they changed the name to the N64. Oh well I thought, Nintendo knows what they are doing. I stayed with the N64 and got to experience some great games like Mario 64, Zelda TOOT, Goldeneye, Wave Race, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Starfox, Mortal Kombat 4 and a few others.

        But even I had to admit they were out of their league compared to the PSX. My brother got a PSX and when I got a little older and played games like Resident Evil and Metal Gear my mind started to change.

        By the time the Gamecube came out I was about 20. I wanted more grown up games. Never was a fan of Mario Kart (although I seem to be the only one), Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy, etc. I’ve always loved Zelda, but when I saw “The Wind Waker” I wrote Nintendo off completely. Twilight Princess looked great, but it was too little too late at that time.

        I never understood why anyone bought the Wii. Never interested me at all. At this point, Nintendo has lost a lot of 3rd party support, a trend that started with the N64. In the 80’s and early 90’s they were the giants of the video games industry and had the best hardware. It’s cool that they stayed with the kiddie market, but I was just personally disappointed as I was a huge fan and there was just nothing left on their platform for me anymore. They are in a very awkward position with the WiiU as it is selling like crap and has very little good games. I’m not interested in anything about the WiiU except for Zelda.

        I do miss Zelda. Maybe I’ll pick up a 3DS if I can get a good price. Probably a longer rant than you needed but I got a little carried away, lol.

        • James

          Lol. yes quite a rant. I was more an early sega fan (master system/game gear) before moving to nintendo. I always thought Sega had the better hardware but nintendo killed them with software.
          Im quite like you in the sense that I also moved away from nintendo as the PS1 came.
          But like you say nintendo always had their target market. It was always aimed for younger audience. As I grew older I found PS1 more suited to me but I would never feel disappointed at nintendo for sticking to their target market and it would have been foolish from them if they didn’t stick to it. I would feel more disappointed if the like of sony and MS move away from their target market and towards casuals.

          Even though I would prefer a GTA or a Metal gear solid I would still buy Nintendo system once in a while. I owned the N64, the wii(for a couple of years) and current have a DSi.

          WiiU doesn’t have good games so far but will be having quite a few coming in 2013-2014. That with a possible price drop will certainly make me want to get one next year. (That is if I don’t get an X1 or a vita instead)

          • GK15

            I guess I was disappointed because they lost all their third party support. Back in the day they were kiddie, but they still had Double Dragon, Contra, all the best games, too many games to count really.

            I was with them from the beginning. And they had something for everyone back then. As times changed, they actually got more kiddie. I grew up but they didn’t.

            Back then, gaming was still new and they weren’t just a kiddie console like they are now. I don’t really care anymore as I lost all interest in Nintendo a long time ago(except for Zelda obviously). Might get a 3DS if I get a really good price, but that’s about it.

          • James

            Yeah, you’re right. Back in the days they had all type of games. Not having the 3rd party games is whats killing them now.

            I just hope they won’t die and they’ll still be a good alternative to Sony/MS.

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