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Target Offers 15% Off All Electronics And Entertainment, Including Consoles

by Dean James


Target is always one of the best in the business for video game deals with some of the best sales around, like their buy two get one free sales. However, they are currently holding one amazing deal that might surpass even those. Target offers what is known as the Cartwheel program, which is a free app for iOS or Android that allows you to save in a sense from your shopping cart. They have been known for some quality deals in the past, but a special two day sale is now going on that you must not miss.

In honor of the one year anniversary of the Target Cartwheel program, the app is offering 15% off all electronics and entertainment. Yes, this actually does include consoles as well. This means you can literally go into Target right now and save $60 instantly on the purchase of a new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 with the Target Cartwheel app and appropriate coupon barcode within the app under offers. Even if you are just looking to pick up a new game at $59.99, you can save $9 instantly on it.

This sale works on “TVs, cameras, phones, video games, music, movies, and books.” This includes devices such as iPads too. The only items outright stated as not eligible for this are Bose, Dslr cameras, pre-paid cards (including Xbox Live, PSN, and eShop cards), and installation and service plans.

This 15% stacks with any other eligible discount as well, including the 5% Target Red Card discount. You are allowed to get the 15% off four items per transaction, with up to six transactions per day for this two day sale. This sale will only last at Target for the next two days, July 13 and July 14, so make sure not to miss out!

- This article was updated on:August 14th, 2014

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