Attack of the Fanboy

Tavern Brawl’s First Encore Happens This Week

by William Schwartz


Summoners from across the world have come to compete. When you cast a spell, a random minion of the same cost is summoned for you!

That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This week marks two firsts: the first second outing of an instance of Tavern Brawl, and the first time two constructed weeks of Tavern Brawl have happened in a row. The Great Summoner Competition is back for another spin, and, as it was thoroughly enjoyable the last time, we’re more than happy to let this slide.

Advice from last time is still relevant: mage rules the roost, with its variety of spells and access to Mana Wyrm. Troggs are amazing, so if you’ve been sitting on a Troggzor the Earthinator then now’s the time to play it. As they’re fairly common cards, even newer players should be in possession of one or more.

Druids are most certainly not to be underestimated in this format either, as they have access to a number of mid to high cost class spells for a variety of purposes, many of which synergize fabulously in this format. Using Innervate and my Coin on the first turn of one match, I was able to summon a Stonesplitter Trogg and apply Mark of the Wild to him, giving me a number of creatures at my immediate disposal and a great headstart on the match.

If you’ve got any similarly fiendish combinations, be sure to post them!

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