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Solve Crimes and Romance Husbandos in Tears of Themis Later This Summer

miHoYo's latest is available for pre-registration on mobile devices now.

by Brandon Adams


What kind of game would you get if Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was merged with an Otome dating sim? miHoYo, the Chinese developer behind Genshin Impact, decided to see for themselves. In their next game, Tears of Themis, players will take on the role of an attorney who has to not only investigate crimes, but romance their soulmate while at it. If you’ve played an Ace Attorney game ever in your life you’ll pick up immediately on Tears of Themis’ overall flow, but it’s the addition of a full-on dating sim within this loop that sets miHoYo’s latest apart.

Tears of Themis will launch later this summer, and you can pre-register for access now.

Tears of Themis casts players as the newest attorney at the titular Themis Law Firm, and it will be on them to investigate a growing conspiracy within Stellis City. So far, so very Ace Attorney, which isn’t a bad thing. A free-to-play Phoenix Wright inspired game on mobile, from the people that made Genshin Impact? Yeah, that doesn’t sound half bad at all.

The twist to the formula here are the four male protagonists players can romance via video chats, calls, and character-specific stories. That’s not entirely my speed, but if Genshin has taught us anything it’s that people will pay through the nose to play with their favorite female characters, AKA “waifus.” It appears Tears of Themis is targeting those who would rather romance a batch of attractive “husbandos” in an Otome dating sim (a Japanese dating game where you court the attraction of male characters). Yes, I had to learn almost all these terms in the last hour.

Jokes aside, you can pre-register for Tears of Themis now on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store right now, and through the Tears of Themis website linked here. There’s a special pre-launch event going on, and the more people that pre-register for the game the more in-game rewards there will be for everyone that participated upon release. Players can even grab an SR Card (Tears’ version of gacha pulls) for the full game, though they are able to pull a few times a day to get the one they want.

Check out the full pre-registration trailer below, and tell us what you think of this Ace Attorney-meets-Otome mashup in the comments below. Tears of Themis will launch on Android and Apple mobile devices later this summer, and you can pre-register for the app today.

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