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Tekken 7 Director Defends Costume Designs

| June 8, 2015

Tekken 7 Director Defends Costume Designs News  Tekken 7 Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 director, Katsuhiro Harada, has defended the costume design for the characters in the game.

Some fans criticized the look of Yoshimitsu in Tekken 7. They feel he looks kind of odd. Other fans are a bit annoyed the costumes have looked the same for many characters. The biggest offender being Asuka Kazama who has had the same outfit since Tekken 5.

Harada responded to the criticisms about Tekken 7 on Twitter by saying:

“Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Akira, Pai…Something new? It’s branding & TEKKEN has costume customize system. That’s all.”

The thing about Tekken 7 is that it only roughly takes place around the same time as Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. In real life it’s been a 10 year gap, but it’s only been a year or so in the game’s storyline. Appearance wise, the characters would’t have aged that much.

Because of the lack of new costumes in Tekken 7, fans are still able to customize the appearance of their favorite characters. Harada is probably also annoyed about people asking him about costumes all of the time. People don’t seem to bother Capcom over the look of Ryu in the Street Fighter series.

Do you feel Bandai Namco should add new costumes in Tekken 7 themselves or just leave it up to the fans like they always do?

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  • MsThic

    Harada is an arrogant lazy ass who doesn’t give a shit about his fans or what they want… he just wants you to shut up with your opinion…and buy his Game. What a Jerk !

    • MaskedHeroxx

      Actually harada listens and notice a good minority of. what the fans want…have you ever paid for stupid dlc or need a teir update .whats that “No”

      Cus harada and his team get shit right the first time

      • MsThic

        English much… stfu

        • BenderOver

          Ignorant Bitch!!! Go back to where you came from

          • Ron Burgandy

            Wow that escalated quickly ;D

          • MsThic

            Yeah it Did… apparently bend over thinks its Momma is on here… Hope he finds the bitch

        • Yayer

          You seem so angry, need a hug?

          • MsThic

            No thanks… Ignorant ass kisser piss me off

        • MaskedHeroxx

          This ugly hoe -_-

    • Mary Hanson

      Get off of Harada’s jock. He is an amazing Director that works on more than just Tekken. He will take opinions but people ask him the same lame questions over and over. Let the team work with out pitching a fit. The game looks amazing.

    • Bob

      Have you seen the new look “fated retribution” update yet? Looks like Harada came to his sense.

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Tekkens not street fighter. Street fighter is jus different we expect ryu to ware the same fit for life. Tekken I the biggest fan but I jus wanna see my fav characters get new clothes..Yoshimitsu looks GREAT!! I love him fuck ppl

    • MsThic

      Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. Doesn’t make you valid asshole… fuck u

      • Yayer

        Why Hello angry commenter! have you eaten your snickers today? :)

        • MsThic

          I Started this discussion. Contribute or keep it moving. . . Talking bout a snicker. FOH

        • MaskedHeroxx

          She lonely and gets no dick

        • PandaPandaPanda

          Honestly though idk why everyone is attacking MsThic and the acting like a victim when she retaliates? What the actual fuck do people expect? “Have you had your snickers today?” Such a childish ass comment, I fuckin’ cringed. Ya’ll need to get the fuck up off Harada’s dick and realize that he’s ripping you off with the same copy of Tekken 5, except slightly updated graphics (Tekken 7 looks like PS3, no fkn lie). Same move sets, same costumes, VERY similar levels, why the fuck do people even bother with this game anymore? I lost hope long ago. But yeah, I just had to comment cuz you bitches wanna gang up on MsThic for speaking the truth & then faking a victim complex after. I detest pu$$y a$$ gamers like you people.

          • Bob

            Comments like “Ignorant Bitch!!! Go back to where you came from” lead me to believe it’s more down to them being racist and sexist.

            That’s the internet for you, sighs.

  • anarkzie

    Harada is being stupid, he has to understand that Tekken and Streetfighter are different games and that the fans have different expectations, Until he took over Tekken always changed it look, the game does not need “Branding”, Also if he looks at streetfighter he will noticed that although Ryu has never changed his clothes every major game has drastically changed it’s art style something Tekken has not done since 5, the end result is that Tekken has looked the same since T5 which means the game looks old on arrival.

    • MsThic

      Exactly, somebody gets the point. Thanks !

    • ChidoriSnake

      Not only that, but we (the hardcore SF fanbase) can at least notice subtle aging differences in the characters, which is something I haven’t seen in Tekken since Tekken 3 tbh. Not even Kazuya ages, although this may be due to his Devil Gene because apparently Kazumi doesn’t age either. Either way, Tekken still has alternate costumes and their signature customization feature, so I’m not too worried or bothered. As long as the game plays like Tekken, I’m straight.

      • anarkzie

        Yeah I love the game play I must admit, really wish there was still an arcade scene here in london, I must have spent enough to buy a house on playing T6 at the arcades. That said on the looks of things T7 does not look like its got any new good ideas, just a load it borrowed from street fighter, Tekken with super moves just does not seem right. Tekken should be about the risk reward, in any case I’ll have to play the thing before I go into full this game sucks mode, could still be good.

        • ChidoriSnake

          At least you seem to be more open-minded as opposed to MsThic over here. Oh well…

    • gio000

      Oh Yeah… Ryu has changed his art style… What kind of stupid statement was that?? XD

      Harada is lazy? Please!! You can have a good bunch of different costumes in the game!, meanwhile SF only can handle with four (for wich you have to pay, BTW)

      I’m not sure if you have try the costumization options but that’s a lot of BS to say that Tekken doesn’t offer some alternatives for the outfits. Maybe you are the lazy ones that don’t want to create some good costumes for your fighters before starting

      • anarkzie

        “Ryu has changed his art style… What kind of stupid statement was that?”

        First I did not say Ryu changed his art style, I said the games have changed there art style, i.e Capcom drew the characters differently in each game, how can someone be so stupid that they don’t understand that? look at SF2 and then SF3 they look different don’t they? Yet returning characters are wearing the same clothes, maybe it’s down to the change in art style? No one(bar maybe you) wants to play a game that looks the same as the one before.

        • gio000

          Oh wow, some minor changes and a little haircut, now that’s real innovation….

          I think you haven’t realize than although we see Tekken’s gameplays with the same outfits, we can have the chance to change them completely. The numbers of combinations are really big compared to what we can get from Capcom; from 4 / 5 available outfits we got on SFIV we gotta pay for about 2 or 3. Namco just charge for some elements on Soul Calibur, yet we still got plenty of options. About Tekken, I don’t remember to have to spend actual cash on costumization stuff

          Just goggle “Tekken 6 costumization options / Tekken Tag 2 costumization options” and look what I mean

          What I can’t understand is that you can’t check the options beyond the default appeareance and yet you notice there are some small details in the “art styles” on SF… talkin’ about the same game as before ; )

          • anarkzie

            Look I can normally debate/converse/speak with just about anyone but you sir are a moron. No one is talking about bloody customization here it’s the default costumes that are being debated, catch up or shut up. Are you telling me you would be upset if Harada changed the default look in the next game or are you just arguing because you’re a retard fan boy who feels that he must say something back whenever he hears anything negative about the game? Everyone here loves Tekken but people are sick of of the game looking the same for the last 4 entries, I’m not trying to get into a what’s better this or street fighter as I don’t even play that game, and what the hells so hard to understand about the game changing it’s art style? it’s got nothing to do with a hair cut, can you really not see the difference?

            Please do yourself a favour and get of the internet, I got nothing against people not agreeing with me but you’re just being stupid for stupid’s sake and not even following what people are saying.

          • gio000

            Damn, chill out dude…

            Look, I don’t want to hear like a freakin’ fanboy (hell!! I really hate them) I just that I couldn’t care less if the default appeareance is changin’ to gives us something different since Tekken 4 or 5. In the end, is something that won’t last the second I start playing.

            I also can see that there are some issues with the series and when something is not going well, but honestly, this kind stuff is on the last place of all the things that I can consider a priority for the game, that’s all

            I know I got you a little angry, so I’m sorry, I never meant to. I actually thought you were getting a little “fanboy-ish” too, guess we’re even ^^U

          • anarkzie

            Ah man now you made me feel bad, look I’m sorry I kind of got a little annoyed. It’s not a major deal all in all, it just Harada’s attitude to this kind of bugs me that’s all. It really not a problem that this game needs to be having.

          • gio000

            Don’t worry man, I know there’s some “fellas” on the Internet and I admit that almost sounded like’em (blegh).

            Something that I see on Harada (at least on Twitter) is that he listens to a good number of fans. I have some high expectations on T7 since he takes some feedback from the people but for now we have to keep waiting

          • Jack Bauer

            This is what is wrong with the TEKKEN community. Passive players coming onto TEKKEN threads talking shit just cause.

            TEKKEN 5 had the best customization feature of any TEKKEN game and I will argue with anyone that denies this. To talk and say TEKKEN tag 2’s customization was good just shows why this series is falling in the shitter.

          • gio000

            Uhm… Ok

            I think that T6 still had some good costumization system, but Tag2 was a big mess. What I really wish Is to have a similar way like Soul Calibur V. To have a completely different character with the same fighting style of the originals.

            I guess that would end with all this debate and anger in the community

  • DaniPeter45

    Let the tekken creator do what he got to do ok, the game is still in development & takes time to update the second outfits.

    • Sasori

      What is it with the fans giving creators too much criticism? What the Hell is that?! We’ve had terrible games and never minded them since the very beginning of video games, and now it seems as if everyone is giving creators pure crap! But… I kinda see why the criticism, Yoshimistsu is it? He does seem kinda off looking with this costume?And what about that samurai dude, what happened to him?

  • Masuku Mishikawa

    The fact that the story hasn’t progressed much as far as time is lazy in itself. So Jin took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu after Tekken 5 and immediately starts to mobilize all of this military might around the world in the course of a few months? he also has a pretty ambiguous ending in Tekken 6 since most people don’t know whether to take his arcade ending or the scenario mode as canon.

    Tekken is not Street Fighter and it never will be because it doesn’t need to be. I’ve been a fan of this series since its inception and it irritates me to no end went Hirata constantly feels the need to bow down to Capcom and take from their playbook.

  • SanjiSasuke

    There are second and third costumes people…just go into costume creator and every character has AT LEAST one unique entire set of parts. How can you complain about costumes when literally any character can be given any hairstyle or clothing set (depending a bit on gender and…species)? If you look at what you can do in costume creator I guarantee you can find hundreds of “extra costumes” including ones unique to the character.

  • Matthew Miguel Maisonet

    They Gonna Use English Dubbed In The Console Version?

  • Jack Bauer

    “TEKKEN has customize system. That is all.” Harada- the TEKKEN customization has gotten worse since its implementation in TEKKEN 5. TEKKEN 5 had the best option to customize your character. Al the way down to the smallest detail. TEKKEN 6 still allowed you to customize things individually but lost the volume and options that T 5 had. Don’t even get me started on the customization in TTT2 and that bull shit game. If you want to see how “determined” Harada is toward his fans just take a look at the failed “Wolrd TEKKEN Federation” (WTF) everyone wanted it to stay up because it was getting online cheaters banned, it brought players together, and was a great place to talk shit and meet good players. Harada shut it down because it was “too expensive” to keep up.

    The fact that he is going Crapcom’s route with DLC worries me. After this I think Namco-Bandai needs to go the route of Konami and let Harada go. Only thing is I will agree with that, didn’t agree with Kojima being fired.

    TEKKEN was known for its own uniqueness, it use to stand alone but it’s slowly becoming a carbon copy of street fighter. If Harada stays around TEKKEN any longer it will become a 2D fighter.

  • Catrina McDee

    Hi everyone! I’d love to customize the characters! If that system’s there then we can have a good time making the characters the way we want! More news for Tekken 7 will be coming out on July 7! (What a coincidence) and guys please, Tekken is not a fashion studio, it’s a fighting game. Please calm down and end the harsh criticism. Love you guys!!

  • Mr. Nash

    Let’s get something clear: Tekken isn’t fucking street fighter. Ryu and most street fighter characters have looked the same since street fighter first came out. That’s why nobody’s complaining about that. With Tekken however, Harada decided to update the characters outfits for five or more games and stopped all of a sudden for the sake of copying Street fighter. See the difference? It’s like comparing an Apple to an orange. Then he contradicts himself by giving new outfits to Jin, Kazuya, and Lars and not to mention he changes Yoshimitsu’s entire design every game while a majority of the roster are still in outfits from Tekken 5. Again Tekken isn’t street fighter.

  • Ronaldo

    Harada KEEP IT UP…..I was wondering If make TEKKEN 7 characters are many than the TEKKEN 6…..Because its the final game of the TEKKEN video game series..And Harada,can you make the TEKKEN 7 (PS4 edition) can be better than TEKKEN 7 (Arcade edition)?????

  • Ronaldo

    AAAAAAND,By the way when does the NAMCO announced the release date for the TEKKEN 7???,Are you sure that the TEKKEN 7 will announced at the Tokyo game show 2015 in September 17-20????

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