Tekken 7 Will Have A Very Dark Story

by Damian Seeto

Bandai Namco has hinted that the story for Tekken 7 will be very dark.

A fan told Bandai Namco’s, Katsuhiro Harada, on Twitter that he is looking forward to the story of Tekken 7. Harada responded by saying “it’s too dark, but stay tuned“.

With a response like that, is Harada hinting that some fans might not look forward to the story of Tekken 7? When stories are dark, this usually means characters will die and this could be both interesting and sad at the same time.

When Tekken 7 was first announced last year, Bandai Namco already revealed that this will be the final chapter in the Mishima saga. In the first trailer, Kazuya is angry his mother got killed by Heihachi (his own father). The two agree to fight one more time in what could be their final appearances in a Tekken game.

With Harada describing Tekken 7’s story as “too dark”, this means there might be some sad gamers out there if one of their favorite characters are to die. It will be sad to see popular characters die, but this opens the door for the franchise to do something new in the future.

Will you be sad if either Kazuya and/or Heihachi dies at the end of Tekken 7?