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Telltale announces ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

by William Schwartz


In what has come as a surprise to almost everybody, Telltale have announced at Spike’s VGX 2013: ‘Tales from the Borderlands,’ another adventure series from the acclaimed developers of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us set in Gearbox’s Borderlands universe.

The trailer shown is light on details but some of the characters fans of the series have come to enjoy (Handsome Jack!) can be expected to return, and with the strong reception that Borderlands 2’s cheeky writing received it seems like Tales of the Borderlands could be an interesting spin-off to the main series. How Borderlands’ universe will fare without a focus on shooting action and 999-trillion face melting guns to wield is anyone’s guess though.

While no platforms have been announced yet based on Telltale’s recent history it wouldn’t be irresponsible to expect the game to hit almost every current platform from PC to iPhones when the game begins to trickle out in 2014.

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