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TERA Rising goes free, get exclusive in-game content here

by William Schwartz


Earlier this month, En Masse Entertainment began the transition of their MMO TERA to a free to play game with no subscription required. The TERA: Rising update adds a new dungeon, a new PvP battleground, and other new content for the massively multiplayer action RPG.

The update for TERA: Rising makes everything in the MMO absolutely free, that means there is no payment required to access any dungeon or level a character to the maximum. En Masse will be funding the MMO via an in-game store which offers a wider array of costume and customization choices. If you play the game for free and end up liking it, players can purchase elite status. This digital purchase offers 30 days of extra dungeon rewards, bonus daily quests, an elite mount, and other in-game content and features.

You can try TERA: Rising here, and if you want to separate yourself from the crowd, we’re giving away a few in-game items for TERA: Rising.


Arkai Mask

Don a mask of feathery blue plumage mimicking the arkai of Balder’s Temple for a passive-aggressive way to call your opponent “chicken.” This cosmetic item is tradable and can be redeemed by one character on your game account.


Sleipnir Mount

Show the world just how cool you are. From the frosty reaches of the giants, the cold-hearted Sleipnir will chill your enemies to the bone. This mount is available starting at level 1 and can be redeemed by one character on your game account.

How to WIN

For your chance to win one or both of these exclusive in-game items for TERA: Rising. Like us on Facebook and leave a comment with the hastag #TeraRising. On Twitter, shoot us a tweet (@FanboyAttack) with the hashtag #TeraRising to enter.


- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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