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Terra Nil is a City Builder Where You Don’t Create a Climate Disaster

Even barren wastelands can be saved from ecological destruction.


You’ve no doubt seen the hype behind city builders or perhaps have even played one in your lifetime. The serious hype surrounding games like Surviving Mars and Cities: Skylines was really hard to miss, though very well deserved. There’s nothing like starting from the foundations of a city, and building one up to make something spectacular. While your dreams of a pollution-ridden city are great, today’s title takes that idea and flips it on its head. Terra Nil, the latest title from the comedically acclaimed Devolver Digital and indie developer Free Lives, has today been unveiled, looking to breathe new life in various ways.

In Terra Nil, your goal is simple. Rather than create a bustling city that absolutely annihilates the ozone layer, you’re tasked with turning a barren wasteland into a beautiful ecosystem, rich with all sorts of life. How can you accomplish this, you may ask? It’s surprisingly simple. First, you’ll purify the water to ensure the world’s trash doesn’t make its way into the animal’s drinking water. Using that water, you’ll cultivate the lands to create lush greeneries, filled with all sorts of fauna from beautiful flowers to towering trees. Once your beautiful landscape is filled with all sorts of nature, bring in wildlife, and see your ecosystem restored! Don’t forget to recycle your nasty buildings though, as even energy-efficient buildings create some pollution. And from there, you’ll have truly brought new life to a once destroyed ecosystem.

To be quite honest, Devolver’s latest venture has the publisher written all over it. A classic genre with a twist, created by a hidden yet talented indie developer, topped off with a solid visual style, give this all the ingredients for one excellent game in its genre. I’m not even a city building fan, and everything about Terra Nil seems like my thing.

Are you excited to play through Terra Nil on its release? Let me know in the comments below.

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