Tetris Effect: Connected is Now Out on PlayStation 4 and Steam

We’re all connected now

by Elliott Gatica

Tetris Effect has been out for nearly three years and since then has had other games come in its stead. However, as of last year, the game came back in full force as Tetris Effect: Connected. The original game was a Sony exclusive at launch, but then Microsoft and Epic Games had an exclusivity period with the Connected version last year.

All exclusivity periods have passed, because now the Connected update is out for Playstation 4 and 5 as well as for Steam

What is Tetris Effect: Connected?

Connected is the multiplayer aspect of the Tetris Effect game. It includes four modes which are: Connected, Zone Battle, Score Attack, and Classic Score Attack. 

The Connected mode is a cooperative mode where three players team up to go up against a series of Zone Bosses. Think of this mode as like a raid boss mode, but with Tetris. Each player has to clear lines, filling up a shared meter. When that meter fills up, they go on the offensive. Every player’s board merges into one giant Tetris playing field, and they have to collectively clear as many lines before that meter goes back down. While the three players are clearing lines, they also have to periodically watch out for the bosses’ many attacks that manipulate their playing fields.

The other mode, Zone Battle, is one of the three PvP modes. It’s a 1 on 1 mode where two players have to clear lines. It has the modern Tetris mechanics like sending out garbage, sliding pieces on surfaces, and making use of the combo system. It also adapts Tetris Effect’s unique Zone mechanic. Using the Zone meter, players can freeze their boards for a set amount of time and perform line clears that can go beyond a 4-line clear. The first player to top out loses, making the other victorious despite the score. 

Score Attack is a stripped down version of Zone Battle. Two players are once again going head to head, except there is no garbage or Zone meter. The game’s speed gets progressively faster after certain numbers of line clears. Once a player tops out, their opponent has only two minutes to surpass their score. 

Finally, there’s the Classic Score Attack. This mode is a homage to the 1989 Tetris game that is played in the CTWC. It plays exactly how the game back then did, just with online functionality and a new coat of paint. This mode can be a lot more difficult for those used to the modern mechanics and is a lot more barebones, but also less forgiving. There is no hold box and there is only one piece in the next queue. 

Overall, this update adds more to the lifespan of the game. It’s more than just the end of the exclusivity period; the Connected update adds crossplay functionality to all platforms. Xbox, PC, and PlayStation players will be able to matchmake with each other, lessening search times. PlayStation 4 and 5 players who already own the game will receive this update at no additional cost.

Tetris Effect: Connected is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. It will also be coming out on the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021. The Switch version will also come out with the Connected mode as well as crossplay functionality. 

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