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Tetsuya Nomura Interview Teases More Kingdom Hearts 3 Information

by Dean James


With the shocking news last week that Tetsuya Nomura has stepped down as director of Final Fantasy XV, that got the hopes up for fans of a certain other Square Enix franchise. With Nomura no longer working on Final Fantasy XV, that means he can focus his time on Kingdom Hearts 3 instead. Sadly, we received no new information at the Tokyo Game Show about the game, but in the latest Famitsu magazine, Nomura teased a little bit about the game. Thanks to KHInsider, we have translations from that interview.

Previously, there was talk that alluded to Frozen more than likely being in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Nomura backtracked on those thoughts in this interview, as he said co-director Tai Yasue’s comments about it were miscommunicated, especially for the overseas audience. Without naming any specific worlds, Nomura also said that the new worlds in the game will up the intensity in their battles.

Kingdom Hearts chi is not being talked about much, but he made a point to say that the stories of both it and Kingdom Hearts 3 were being written concurrently, so it should play a major part in the overall story arc.

Nomura explained that they have come across some difficulties with the in-game engine, so in the meantime they are instead moving ahead with “scenario writing and world selection.”

The piece of information that may be most exciting is Nomura’s statement that Kingdom Hearts 3 is “progressing steadily on schedule.” Hopefully this means we will finally get new footage of the game in the near future.

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