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The Long Dark Receives Major Update


I’ve been following The Long Dark’s development for a long time as a fan — and I know I’m not the only one on AOTF who has enjoyed it. It’s a thoughtful, very carefully crafted game that has offered hours upon hours of gameplay since its launch as an Early Access title. Canadian indie developers Hinterland Games have just taken another major step towards full release, launching a massive update that they estimate is their largest to date — Deep Forest, v.256.

Based in part on feedback from their demonstrations at E3, Deep Forest changes some of the game’s core systems, which is a move that’s sure to bring back players who have not clocked many hours over the last few months. Even the most jaded survivalist is sure to get prepping again in response to these patch highlights:

  • Replaced abstract Foraging with Direct Harvesting mechanics. You can now harvest fuel and cloth directly from objects in the world. This is a new system that will likely require ongoing tuning into the future, so we appreciate all your feedback and patience!
  • Updated outdoor Campfire system. You now need to add fuel to increase the burn time and heat output of a fire. In Pilgrim and Voyageur experience modes, any fire will immediately halt all Condition loss due to Freezing (note that you won’t warm up unless the fire temperature exceeds the outside temperature). In Stalker, the fire temperature needs to exceed the outdoor temperature before you begin to warm up.
  • Updated the Wolf Struggle mechanic. Simplified the controls and interface. Wolf Struggle now inflicts damage events over time. Fighting back reduces the duration of the Struggle, and is modified by weapon and experience mode.
  • Updated the First Aid system. Replaced the previous First Aid interface and also extended the First Aid system to support multiple afflictions per type (ex. multiple simultaneous blood loss events), as well as added new afflictions/injuries including Wrist Sprains, Lacerations/Bruising, and Hypothermia.
  • Updated the player movement model to remove Running. We now have Walk (base speed has been increased), and a discrete Sprint action that has a stamina component. Stamina regenerates slowly, and Sprinting increases Fatigue.
  • Physical objects now properly occlude snow and wind FX. If you see something blocking snow, it means it will provide shelter from the wind.
  • Added ambient bird-song which communicates things like wildlife presence, temperature, location, and time of day. Sudden ducking of song from small birds may indicate the presence of predators.
  • Added 1,500 additional ambient sound effects for high-winds and blizzards. Players should now be able to identify man-made shelters from afar, by listening to how the wind behaves (ex. metal rattling in the wind).

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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