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The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Shows Eight New Characters

by Jose Belmonte


Little by little, Bandai Namco is showing more of the upcoming fighting videogame based on the popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins, which is available worldwide on Netflix. Today, the company has revealed gameplay videos for eight characters from the roster: Diane (Human Size), Arthur Pendragon, Twigo, Gilthunder, Jericho, Guila, Elizabeth, and Diane (Giant Size).

The game is launching on January 25 in Japan and February 9 in North America and Europe. Check out the videos below along with the official description of each character.

Diane (Human Size)

She has easy-to-use standard attacks whose movement is rather slow, but can be recommend to any player. There is a one-tempo pause when using her “Double Hammer” technique, but because it is not hindered by distance and obstacles, it is effective when it catches the enemy off guard.

Arthur Pendragon

An easy-to-use character with a standard attack set and the ability to counter direct attacks. When using counters, be sure to aim for the proper timing, such as during rush-style attacks and attacks with big preliminary actions, or when the opponent runs out of magical power and can only use direct attacks.


A character with long-reaching attacks. Particularly, the “Whirlwind” technique is his main strength since it has a wide range both frontward and horizontally. His aerial sword attack is also powerful. He is a recommended character as he is easy for anyone to fight with.


An all-rounder with steady strength who can fight regardless of distance. His long distance attacks like the “Raiju no Tsuiso” and “Raiteni no Tettsui” techniques can easily target opponents, and his easy to connect “Raimeizan” technique is effective as an additional blow after a standard attack.


She has a high number of attacks and is recommended for combo lovers. With her long distance shots, and magical techniques that follow approaching and consecutively attacking the opponent (and further pursuing with a mirage step), you can get an unmatched sense of exhilaration if you know how to fight using the basics.


Since her handy shot attacks are easy to use, she is particularly recommended for players early on. When it comes to long range combat, you will want to always remain conscious of fighting the opponent from a distance. Use her “Killer Mine” trap-set technique to try to restrain the approaching opponent.


The third princess of the Liones Kingdom. She sought out The Seven Deadly Sins that were scattered all over and saved the Kingdom from crisis. She is a blubberer, but she is a cute and has a heart full of strong conviction and kindness.

Diane (Giant Size)

Giant Size Diane is playable during a specific quest in Adventure Mode. She can mow down countless enemies with various powerful attacks thanks to her large build. In Duel Mode, the human size Diane that appeared during the Vaizel Fighting Festival is playable.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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