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The Steam Summer Sale 2017 has Begun, Here’s some of the Best Deals

by Kyle Hanson


Prepare your wallet and get ready to add some games to that always growing back catalog; the Steam Summer Sale 2017 has begun. While these sales haven’t been quite as exciting over the last year or two, gamers still have a lot to be excited about any time Steam drops their prices almost across the board.

This is one of the newer sales, so keep in mind a few things. Deals are now live and will remain at their current level throughout the sale. The Steam Summer Sale 2017 will run from today until July 5th. What this means is, if there’s a game you want, you can feel free to buy it now. This differs from before, when there were daily and lightning deals that dropped prices even lower.

As far as what you should buy, well that depends on a lot of things, but I’ve picked out a few solid deals that you might want to consider.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is probably the biggest and best deal out there, dropping 80% to $3.99. If you want to get ready for Shadow of War then this is the way to do it. Speaking of older AAA titles, Fallout 4 is half off, bringing it to $14.99. For smaller games, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is half off as well, so if you want to catch up before the fantastic looking sequel, grab it now. There’s much more out there though, so start digging.

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