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The Wold Ends With You Final Remix Heading to Nintendo Switch

by Kyle Hanson


Opening the surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, longtime Nintendo fans have had one of their many dreams come true with the announcement that The World Ends With You would be making its way to Nintendo Switch. This DS classic was highly regarded for its time and has developed a cult following ever since. Many had been hoping for some sort of release in the franchise, and while this isn’t the sequel that many hoped for, it could get things going along that track.

The re-release will feature updated graphics and controls, while featuring the same classic story that fans loved the first time around. It won’t be a straight port though, as extra story content has been added for players to dive into.

If you prefer the standard touch controls then that works as well, thanks to the Switch’s touchscreen. You’ll have to play undocked though, so many fans might want to get used to the Joy-Con controls for this one.

There’s little other information available so far for The World Ends With You Final Remix except that it will arrive some time later this year. Keep an eye out for more info, and check out the full presentation right here.

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