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Thief 4 hero goes mainstream

by William Schwartz


Thief has been away for awhile, times have changed, tastes have changed, and the franchise protagonist will change as well.  Eidos Montreal have been given the freedom to take some liberties with Garrett to make him more mainstream, according to a recent interview.

“We wanted to keep the main DNA of who Garrett was; we didn’t want to change that much because it was working already,” explained game director Nicolas Cantin .  However, it looks like changes needed to be made to appeal to the wider market as Cantin continued, “we wanted to bring in more of the modern audience of the console market.”

“We toned down all the things that felt gothic… we wanted to make him a little bit more mainstream.”   Though Cantin is confident that the changes made will give Garrett the ability to resonate with old fans of the franchise still.

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