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Time Magazine Puts No Man’s Sky In Top 10 Game of the Year List

by Damian Seeto


Game of the Year lists are subjective so opinions will vary from person-to-person. Time Magazine however made a bold decision to rate No Man’s Sky as one of 2016’s best video games.

Their top 10 list can be seen below:

1) The Witness
2) Uncharted 4
3) Inside
4) Tharsis
5) Burly Men At Sea
6) Dragon Quest Builders
7) Crashlands
8) Virginia
9) Battlefield 1
10) No Man’s Sky

The only reason this is being discussed is mainly because the game has been one of the biggest talking points of 2016. Before the newest update came out, many people were appalled with how the game turned out.

Time Magazine compiled their list just before the new update came out, so they saw something in the game that most people didn’t. They called the game an “extraordinary achievement” with a “chasm of misunderstanding“.

If you compare Time’s views to that of users on Steam and Metacritic, you will see a massive difference in opinion. The Steam user reviews are “mostly negative” while the average score from users on Metacritic is 4.5/10.

Personally, I didn’t mind playing the game for the first few hours until it got repetitive. Every planet I visited started to look the same and the animals were all yellow quadrupedals. I hardly saw any other color of animals or anything that was bipedal…

Anyway, what do you think about No Man’s Sky? Do you feel it deserves all the internet hate?

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