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Titanfall 2 Gets Massive Changes Due to Technical Test Feedback

by Kyle Hanson


The first Titanfall 2 technical test didn’t go so well with a large contingent of the fanbase. Sure, a lot of people had a lot of fun with the game, and we’ve been impressed with it before as well. However, some players took issue with a lot of the design decisions and changes that were made between the first game and now. There were discussions on forums, Reddit, and other social media sites all about how the game played, and some felt it was a poor showing. Respawn Entertainment has seemed to take this feedback in stride though, and has already issued a huge list of changes, some of which will be coming to Titanfall 2’s second beta test this weekend.

Pilot mobility was the first item to be addressed, with Respawn explaining some of the changes they made between the first game and now. “Many players are wondering why we changed the mobility from Titanfall 1,” reads the post from Steven DeRose,
Multiplayer Game Designer on Titanfall 2. “We identified two major issues we wanted to solve in Titanfall 2. The first is that a lack of player predictability would often cause players to be shot from the back or sides. While flanking is an important part of gameplay death often felt random instead of skillful. The second issue is that close range firefights were overly chaotic due to erratic player movement. So, changes to pilot mobility stemmed from a desire to improve our gunplay, and not a desire to slow down movement.”

A big problem that the community was discussing at length was the new ways in which players earned a Titan. This was addressed as well, “We made some changes in Titanfall 2 with the goal of rewarding players for playing game mode objectives. However, we observed the problem that players can try to play the objective but fail, resulting in slower than intended Titan acquisition. We still want objectives to be the fastest way to get a Titan, but the goal of every player being guaranteed a Titan per match hasn’t changed.”

These are just the beginning, so if you want to dive deep into the core mechanics of Titanfall 2 then click here to read about the rest. For the rest of you, just know that the game that will arrive on October 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be quite different than the one you played last weekend.

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