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Titanfall 2 Leak Reveals Boxart and Massive Collector’s Editions

by Kyle Hanson


A Polish retailer jumped the gun a bit and has leaked out the boxart for Titanfall 2. Showcasing a very classic scene for the series, the Titanfall 2 boxart features a pilot and titan battling some unseen enemy. Along with the boxart came news of two separate Titanfall 2 Collector’s Editions, which feature some pretty huge items for fans.

The Titanfall 2 Collector’s Edition comes in two flavors: Standard and Uber Edition. The standard edition comes with the game, plus a bunch of physical goodies, including a light-up pilot statue and a custom scarf. The uber edition however, goes even bigger with a 1:1 scale replica of the pilot helmet from the game. The helmet even features rechargeable lighting inside. This is along with the other items from the standard edition, other than the statue it seems.

Titanfall 2 will get a full unveiling at next week’s E3 2016 conference, with EA showing off their titles during their press conference on Sunday. The game will then be playable at EA Play, a special event held outside of E3 itself, which is open to fans. So far we have very little info about the game, though we do know it will hit some time later this year. In fact, it should arrive in stores pretty close to the launch of fellow EA shooter Battlefield 1.

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