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Titanfall Update Increases Max Players, Adds Burn Card Improvements, And More

by Kyle Hanson


While Respawn may be moving on from Titanfall soon, they are still making some amazing additions and changes through their constant game updates. The latest, Update 6, adds a very interesting new game mode along with Burn Card improvements and some more stuff just for fun. Let’s take a look at everything that is changed in Titanfall Update 6.

Pilot Skirmish is an 8v8 mode with no AI and no Titans.

First up is the new Featured Game Mode, Pilot Skirmish. This mode ups the maximum number of players from 12 to 16, creating an 8-on-8 match that is Pilots only. No Titans, no AI drones, just humans killing other humans. This takes away some of the more interesting and unique elements of Titanfall, but for those seeking a more familiar experience it will be a godsend. And for those of us who enjoy Titanfall’s current gameplay, it can serve as a nice diversion when we grow weary of duking it out in our Titans. Due to the special elements of Pilot Skirmish it will not be included when playing in the Variety Pack playlist, you will have to choose it specifically in order to play.

The last Featured Game Mode, Marked For Death, was such a hit that it will now be its own permanent option. This mode had you hunting down one particular player on the opposing team, while defending your own “marked” player. The first team to eliminate the other’s “marked” player scored.  You can choose Marked For Death specifically via its own playlist, or wait for it to come up during Variety Pack games.

Other smaller features have been added which include new colorblind options for “protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia”. Burn Cards received heavy focus giving you the ability to purchase individual Burn Cards from a limited and ever changing stock, along with a new ultra-rare Burn Card called “Roll the Dice” which lets you choose cards from your main deck during a match. You will also be able to select a Burn Card Auto Fill option which will make sure you never go into a match with an empty hand again. Finally, there is no longer a penalty for joining a game late. “If you join a match that is more than half way over and your team is not winning, a loss will not be counted on your record. If the match is a win for your team, we’ll count it as one.”

A few other changes, such as bug fixes and gameplay alterations are included as well. To see the full list click here or check out the full list below.

Improvements include:

  • FX Optimizations – Optimizing effects processing and moving more effects rendering work onto additional CPU cores is a good thing. So we did that.
  • Matchmaking – Faster searching, improved team balancing, increasing the likelihood of being in full games, and drastically lowering the chance of having lopsided (e.g. 6v3) matches.
  • The score is now shown in the center of the screen at the end of each Last Titan Standing round.
  • New HUD Icons for team Titan counts and players using Burn Cards have been added. Last Titan Standing now shows the number of Pilots left alive on each team.
  • New voiceover for Round Won and Round Lost events as well as noting whether the gap between the teams’ scores is increasing or decreasing.

Bug fixes on all platforms:

  • For the Black Market we slightly reduced the chance to get rare cards in the Standard Pack, and increased the number of rare cards in the Premium Pack from 4 to 5.
  • The Auto-Titan vortex effect should no longer orient incorrectly.
  • Fixed the shotgun, vortex fireback, and arc cannon bypassing Titan shields when used against a Pilot doing a friendly rodeo.
  • The map Export no longer contains areas where you can shoot through covered windows.
  • Grenades should now be better at predicting their movement at high frame rates.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug on Demeter in Campaign mode.

Bug fixes on Xbox One:

  • Fixed issue where a user couldn’t sign in to Titanfall if there is a second account on the system which has access to Titanfall DLC content which the first user doesn’t.
  • Fixed incorrect leave game dialog behavior when in a party.
  • Connecting a SmartGlass device to the X1 while Titanfall is running should no longer cause a crash.
  • You should no longer be able to get behind walls when rodeoing a Titan that is ejecting on Relic.
  • Titan OS no longer says that you are being attacked by an Enemy Pilot when you are inside an enemy Dome Shield.

Bug fixes on PC:

  • Fixed incorrect leave game dialog behavior when in a party.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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