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Titans In Titanfall Had The Ability To Jump But Was Removed In Final Game

by Damian Seeto


The Titans in Titanfall used to have the ability to jump like the pilots, but this was removed in order to make the game feel more balanced.

DualShockers reported that Titanfall Lead Designer Justin Hendry and Lead Artist Joel Emslie explained in more detail about the game’s development at a PAX panel. They even talked about things they had in mind to be in the game initially, but were cut in the final game.

One of the more interesting topics that was brought up was the initial ability Titans had in Titanfall. We all know that pilots can jump around in the game, but even Titans themselves had this ability early in the game’s development.

The main reason Titan jumping was cut in Titanfall was for two reasons. One of them is that it would have been too unfair for pilots to escape from Titans. If you were a pilot, you would be dead in mere seconds if Titans were jumping all over the place.

The second reason this was cut was from a design perspective. If Titans were to jump in the game, buildings would have had to collapse due to their big size and weight. It would have been too chaotic to add so they dropped the thing entirely.

If Titanfall 2 is to be made in the future, would you like to see jumping Titans if Respawn Entertainment were to find a way to bring it back?

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