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Toonami Asia Unsure When Its Dragon Ball Super English Dub Is Coming

by Damian Seeto


A few months ago Toonami Asia announced that an English dub for Dragon Ball Super would be out in July or August 2016. Sadly, a new update has confirmed that it may have been postponed indefinitely.

Toonami Asia posted on Twitter: “Well, August is almost up and we were really expecting to have some more details by now. But, nope, nothing yet. Stay patient!

The Dragon Ball Super English dub from Toonami Asia was supposed to be airing in select Asian countries, but it appears plans fell through. We still don’t know if the American Funimation dub has officially got the rights to localize the TV series either.

The only country outside Japan getting any type of localization is France at the moment. France will be airing the TV series later this year with French voice actors. They will feature the same voice actors that worked on Dragon Ball Z.

Maybe more news of an English dub will drop sometime next year. They are releasing an English version of the Dragon Ball Super manga in 2017, so that’s a good sign. Not to mention some Super content is getting added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 later this year. We will update you if we hear of any good news regarding an English dub.

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