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Top Ten iOS Games of February

by William Schwartz


Quality Index Dot Com has compiled a list of the highest critically acclaimed games and apps for the iOS platforms for the month of February. They range in genre and all types of gamers should find something on the list they’ll enjoy. The list is goes from the usual 1 being the highest; 10 being the lowest.

For the list of apps and other information check the source at the bottom of this post.

1. Speedball 2 Evolution

2. Tiny Wings

3. NBA Jam

4. Starfront: Collision

5. Karoshi

6. League of Evil

7. JellyCar 3

8. Egg vs. Chicken

9. Sky Combat

10. Puckerz!

Several of these have been on my radar (JellyCar 3 anyone?) and I have no way of escaping playing them now. For any iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad owners, these are some games you gotta’ check out.

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