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TRI Hands-On Preview

by Kyle Hanson


Jumping into the first few levels of TRI brought back memories of the first time I played the venerable Portal. Like Portal, TRI is a first-person puzzle game of which I wasn’t expecting too much before I first tried it. I expected some interesting mechanics to make the puzzles different and challenging, but nothing too crazy in terms of design or aesthetics. But, also like Portal, I was pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity on display and the enjoyment that I could receive from the experience of playing TRI.

The main conceit of TRI is the use of triangles to traverse the level. Near the beginning of the game you gain the ability to draw triangles, which can then be used to climb to new areas of the map. Drawing triangles in the air, which can then be stood upon may seem simple but the actual method of it ends up feeling fresh and fun. Trying to angle your triangle just right so that you can make the jump to a new platform can exhilarating if you are a fan of puzzle games or platformers.

On top of this TRI adds in extra powers which are gained in later levels. I only played through the first few, but even in them I earned a couple of new abilities that totally reshaped the gameplay experience. Not to spoil too much, but at one point I began walking on the walls, which was both fascinating in how it changed the gameplay and fun in the way it affected my perception of the levels. These simple mechanics are used to great effect thanks to the overall design aesthetic on display in TRI. 

Simply put, the world of TRI looks fantastic

Simply put, the world of TRI looks fantastic and you are constantly finding new reasons to continue exploring it. Using your triangle powers you search each level for three statues, which will unlock the next arena. Along the way are multiple optional collectibles which help add value and replayability to an otherwise single-playthrough game. This is especially enjoyable thanks to the excellent art design contained in the game. The amazing colors combine with interesting lighting and particle effects to bring TRI’s world to life in a way some AAA titles fail to achieve.


This is all capped off with a fairly interesting story of TRI about magical foxes and powerful triangles. Unfortunately, in my short time with the game I was never able to get too deep into the story. Still, work was certainly put into making sure players understood the strange world they were inhabiting, so it will be great to see how it all plays out in the final release.

TRI by Rising Star Games and Rat King Entertainment will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux on October 9th.

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