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Tropico 5 Announced

by William Schwartz


Kalypso Media has announced that a new entry to the tropical-dictator/city-builder simulator is in the works: Tropico 5.

There will be a host of new features available for any budding El Presidentes out there including the advent of dynasties, as for the first time in the series’ history, you will get to play through history from the early 19th century to the 21st century. You will run into historical dilemmas such as the World Wars and the Great Depression.

You will be able to play aroudn with your family, appointing them into positions of power in your regime. Technological trees and trading will be upgraded as well as many other features you love about Tropico!

Tropico is set to be released some time in 2014. Come back to AotF to get more Tropico 5 information in the future.

Tropico 5 announcement trailer

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