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Twisted Metal creator moving on to make a new car combat game

by William Schwartz


David Jaffe is responsible for what is quite likely the most popular car combat game of all time, as one of the creators of Twisted Metal. Jaffe, who left Eat Sleep Play after finishing up with 2012’s Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 3, and has just announced he’ll be joining the indie studio, Pixelbionic.

Pixelbionic is working on vehicular combat game of their own called “Autoduel”, so Jaffe should fit in nicely. The legendary PlayStation developer is joining the studio’s advisory board, and “Autoduel” will attempt to be crowd funded through Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

Details are slim on Autoduel, but it sounds a lot like Twisted Metal. A press release that just went out explains the game as such:

“In a post-apocalyptic future, warriors drive to survive in their tricked-out, heavily armed vehicles scavenged from the blistered landscape, armed with a deadly array of lethal weaponry. Autoduel features team-based combat in a variety of open arenas from abandoned cities to dried-up riverbeds. Players choose from over twenty unique cars which are divided into three warring factions – the Ratters, the Scavengers and the Techies. The cars can all receive a wide variety of upgrades, from mechanical modifications to the drivetrain and suspension, to a broad array of powerful weapons and protective armor which can be bolted onto the vehicles. Additionally, players can extensively customize the paintwork and add decals in order to show their allegiance and express their unique style.”

Autoduel is announced as a PC online multiplayer game that pays homage to epic car combat games of the past.

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