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Twitch Prime Announces Free Games For Month Of November

by Anthony Decicco


November will be the second month that Twitch Prime will be active since Twitch essentially merged with Amazon Prime membership holders to create this new ‘gold tier’ of Twitch users. With a Twitch Prime Membership fans are entitled to two free games per month and some extra goodies from the broadcasting giant.

This month fans will enjoy exclusive in-game content for Watch Dogs 2 such as a Twitch-themed hoodie, an XP boost, Pixel Art Customization pack for character, vehicle,weapon and drone and a Guts, Grit & Liberty customization skin pack for character and vehicle. Watch Dog 2 fans will enjoy being a Twitch Prime member this month.

Free games for the month will be Punch Club, an RPG-like sim with tycoon elements that usually goes for $9.99. Allowing players to create a fighter and take him on a grand adventure up the ranks. Pixel based animations with a lot of nostalgic 80’s-90’s references.  Finally the second free title will be  This War Of Mine: Anniversary Edition which usually goes for $19.99. Players will make life and death decisions based around a group of survivors during a war. Multiple endings and three new locations and new characters make this the definitive experience for This War Of Mine fans.

Both titles will be available upon signing in as a Twitch Prime user starting this fall. The Watch Dogs 2 content is a bit more limited though and will last from November 7th through December 12th.

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