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Ubisoft Confident Watch Dogs 2 Sales Can Match The Original Game

by Damian Seeto


The first Watch Dogs game sold over 10 million copies worldwide as many people believed in the hype. Once it came out though, many people were disappointed. Ubisoft however feels that Watch Dogs 2 can still be popular as the reception for the game has been positive.

During Ubisoft’s recent conference call, the company’s CEO Yves Guillemot spoke in more detail on the expectations they have about Watch Dogs 2. It appears Ubisoft aren’t worried about the sequel being a flop.

Guillemot mentioned that the game has been praised worldwide so far with the reveal trailer earning over 30 million views. He said the feedback for the game has been strong and that over 85 percent of those that owned the first game in the US intend to buy the sequel.

He also went on to say that Ubisoft expects Watch Dogs 2 to sell as many copies as the first game. This might be tough to achieve because times have changed since 2014.

The first game was released in late May 2014 and there weren’t many big AAA video games out at time. The sequel on the other hand is out in November 2016 where the video game season is more crowded. Time will tell if Ubisoft’s prediction comes true.

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