Ubisoft Expects PS4/Xbox One Sales To Double By The End Of 2015

by Damian Seeto

Ubisoft held its conference call earlier today with the company making a prediction that PS4 and Xbox One sales will double by the end of the year.

A NeoGAF user managed to get some more details on Ubisoft’s report. The company says the current install base for PS4 and Xbox One is 28 million. The company expects this number to double by the end of 2015.

Sony officially announced earlier this year that it has shipped over 18.5 million units of the PS4. Microsoft has shipped over 10 million units of the Xbox One, so Ubisoft’s claim for the install base is accurate. There are close to 28 million PS4 and Xbox One owners out there in the world.

Ubisoft’s prediction that PS4 and Xbox One sales are to double by the end of this year is a bold one. This means PS4 and Xbox One ownership will be 56 million at the end of the year. It is doable as Sony has to match the 18.5 million it has shipped, while Microsoft has to match the 10 million units it has shipped so far too.

The sales of PS4 and Xbox One could possibly be higher thanks to the bigger releases in 2015. Unlike last year, 2015 will have the likes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s and Halo 5. Both of these games are sure to be big system sellers. This doesn’t even count other games due out for later this year too.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2015