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Ubisoft is Definitely Holding Back Suprises for E3 2017

by Al McCarthy


While a lot of the attention in recent years has gone to Sony and Microsoft at their E3 press conferences, of the third-party publishers, Ubisoft usually hits the hardest with suprise announcements.  That’s why it was pretty shocking that the company revealed two new games ahead of the show in Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2.  So we know those two games are on the way, but what’s going to be the big show stopper for Ubisoft.

Well according to this video that they’ve recently released to tease their upcoming presser, there could be a couple things actually.  The video is of a humorous nature, but it certainly has some truth to it.  It’s got some gameplay from games that we know about, and teasers for those that we don’t.

According to the minute long video there will be Ubisoft will have some secrets to reveal, one is the annoucement of a new IP from Ubisoft.  E3 has been a huge launching spot for them in recent years, even if the hype didn’t materialize into an actual product of similar quality.  Watch Dogs, The Division, and For Honor were all recently announced at E3 press conferences have were jaw-dropping show stoppers for the publisher that got people talking about their games way before they were heading to store shelves.

What will Ubisoft announce this year?  We’re still holding out hope for the return of Splinter Cell, but a new IP could be anyone’s guess.

Ubisoft Teases New IP to be Revealed at E3

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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