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Ubisoft Offering Free For Honor Trial on All Platforms

by Al McCarthy


Ubisoft is hosting a free weekend for For Honor later this month.  From August 10th to the 13th, the game will be available for download on all platforms.   During the For Honor Free Weekend, players can play the full campaign, as well as multiplayer, and the newest updates and downloadable content.

According to the announcement it doesn’t sound like much, if anything is being held back during the promotion.  Five multiplayer modes will be available.  The campaign will be available to play either in the solo or cooperative mode, and all of the heroes that are currently in the game will be playable as well. Additionally, if you decide that you like the game, all of your progress from the free weekend will carry over on purchase.

On August 7th you can preload For Honor starting at 9PM PDT on PlayStation 4 and Uplay.  The announcement did not mention a preload time for Xbox One.  Those that end up enjoying the game will be able to purchase it for 50% off for all versions.  This sale  will last from August 10th to August 20th for consoles, and from August 10th to August 14th on PC.

The third season of content for the game launches just after the Free Weekend.  Grudge & Glory hits all platforms on August 15th and will feature new heroes, maps, and other updates for the game.  For Honor Season Pass holders will get the new content first, with everyone else able to unlock it on August 22nd with in-game currency.

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