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Ubisoft Officially Announces New Ghost Recon “Breakpoint”

Ghosts vs. Ghosts in this latest installment.

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft has announced that another Ghost Recon game will be released later this year with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.  The game will release on October 4th, 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and will throw players back into the boots of the Ghost Recon squads, though the face of the enemy has changed this time around.

Instead of battling a drug cartel, the Ghost Recon team will find themselves battling a new enemy in a new location.  That new enemy is a rogue team of ex-Ghosts who have taken over Aurora island.  The island happens to be the home of the Skell Technology company, which makes drones and all sorts of other automated technology.  When the Ghost team chopper is shot down on a surveillance mission, your team must fight to survive and take down the military group.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Release Date

October 4th, 2019  

It sounds like there will be some new things to look forward to in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.  First of all, PvP multiplayer will be one of the things that arrive on Day One with Breakpoint.  Instead of waiting to release the content, this will be available from the very beginning this time around.  Ubisoft also announced that there will be a new type of endgame content in Ghost Recon Breakpoint with the introduction of Raids.

Expect more details on these new features as the year wears on and the game gets closer to release.  Unitl then, you can check out the two trailers that Ubisoft has released with the announcement.  The first is a gameplay trailer that that showcases the beautiful game in motion, giving you a good idea of what to expect from Breakpoint.

The trailer doesn’t explain all of the systems of the game, but it does give an idea regarding stealth, cover, survival aspects, inventory management, and more.

Gameplay Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

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