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Ubisoft Releases New DRIVER Game, It’s A Mobile Boat Racer


Ubisoft has released a brand new DRIVER game today, but sadly it is not the old DRIVER or even that of DRIVER: San Francisco, it is actually a mobile racing game with speedboats. I am just as confused as you are right now.

The announcement from Ubisoft touts Driver Speedboat Paradise as ‘high-speed mobile arcade racing’, the game takes place in the Driver universe and has various characters from the universe, including John Tanner, compete against each other. Players will assist John Tanner in taking down the infamous Mike Lazarus by beating him in speedboat races. Check out the list of features the game has:

  • Experience the Pure Thrill of Arcade Racing – Take control of the most powerful speedboats and blast through high-speed races. Collect nitro for a boost, take ramps to fly through the air and perform impressive stunts throughout realistic wave systems as a result of 3D graphics and HD textures and effects.
  • Race in Exotic Locations All Over the World – Enjoy substantial content with Classic, Time Trial, Duel, Escape, Endurance and Drag racing modes, in locations such as the Bahamas and Cancún. Weather conditions and time of day create one-of-a-kind racing environments for each location.
  • Ride in Style – Collect parts to customize your ride with unique colors, decals and neon lights, and upgrade with over 20 speedboats to choose from.
  • Become a Speedboat-Racing Celebrity – Progress up the ladder and upgrade your lifestyle with clothes, houses and furniture. Earn sponsorships, negotiate costs and build a fan base!
  • Show Your Friends Who’s Best – Join weekly tournaments against your friends to show off your style and earn unique rewards.

I guess it’s not bad for a free-to-play game on mobile platforms. I would have rather enjoyed a true DRIVER: San Francisco sequel though. Check out the trailer below.

Driver Speedboat Paradise is available now on Apple App Store and Google Play.


- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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