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Uncharted 4 doubtful for ’14 release

| January 24, 2014

Uncharted 4 doubtful for '14 release News PlayStation  Uncharted 4 Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog is making sure that fans don’t get their hopes up too high for the next Uncharted game, at least not for this year.  According to Eric Monacelli, it’s doubtful that Naughty Dog will release the next Uncharted game in 2014, nor will they be making a The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition.

That said, we won’t likely be seeing Uncharted 4 until fall 2015 at the earliest.  It’s one of Sony’s biggest franchises, and releasing it anywhere outside of the holiday window would be odd.   That’s a substantial wait for those patiently awaiting Naughty Dog’s first Uncharted game on the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog is readying the first and only scheduled story expansion for The Last of Us, with the Left Behind DLC.  The new content will arrive on February 14th for the PS3.

It’s likely that E3 this year will hold more details about the Uncharted series.  Right now, all we have to go on was the brief teaser that Naughty Dog released last year.  It didn’t tell us much, other than that Uncharted would return.  You can find the teaser trailer for the next Uncharted game in the video below.

Update: So you’re telling me there’s a chance? Sensing that his comments have started a new conversation about the next Uncharted game, Monacelli again replied to readers on the PlayStation Blog. The Community Strategist has clarified his comments about the game being doubtful for 2014. Monacelli says that he wasn’t talking about Uncharted 4 or a possible Last of Us GOTY Edition. It’s still pretty unlikely that we see Uncharted 4 this year. A Last of Us Game of the Year Edition? That might be more prudent wager to make, and maybe, just maybe Naughty Dog will listen to their fans and put it out on the PlayStation 4.

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  • Oscar Portillo

    Not in a hurry because the final product will be game of the year for 2015.

  • Allen

    Take your time. Tons of great games coming out this year.

    Infamous, Drive Club, Destiny, Watchdogs, with Killzone & Battlefield already available and all the free games coming in.

    Oh and I want War Thunder. Apparently it’s out in EU but not in NA.

  • logik893

    When this drops, I will most likely get the PS4. Im sure the system will have a price drop by then.

  • Facts First

    It Only Does Brick

  • Wizard of Peace

    So my question is what exclusives are planned for winter 2014? Any big ones planned for then yet?

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