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‘Uncharted is more than Just Nathan Drake’ says Naughty Dog

by Kyle Hanson


The Uncharted series has always focused on the adventures of Nathan Drake. Even when it took a closer look at side characters, Nathan was always the main character, and pretty much everything revolved around him. That changes with the latest release, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Many players have been wondering why this new Uncharted game won’t feature series star Nathan Drake, and Naughty Dog just explained why.

“The reason we moved away from Drake was that we felt we wrapped that story up on Uncharted 4,” explained Naughty Dog Creative Director Shaun Excayg in a new video. “And that’s really the motivation to find a new cast of characters that could actually carry on the Uncharted legacy.”

Others offered their own thoughts on the matter, expanding on why Naughty Dog chose to make such a bold change for their hugely popular series.

“Uncharted is more than just Nathan Drake,” Game Director Kurt Margenau says. “And I think maybe it makes people think a little bit differently about the Uncharted series as far as what they think of when they think of Uncharted.”

The video then goes on to give a behind the scenes look at the development of The Lost Legacy. The release began life almost as DLC, though it always had a standalone nature about it. The developer then kept working on it, expanding on the adventure and characters, and now we have the full game release that we’ll be seeing soon.

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