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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Discussed, E3 Demo Revealed on Twitch Stream

by Dylan Siegler


Earlier today (June 20), Naughty Dog streamed the E3 demo of their upcoming game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from their Twitch channel. This demo was playable at E3 this year, but was hidden from the rest of the world until now. The stream included a panel that was comprised of Scott Lowe, Naughty Dog’s Senior Communications Manager, Shaun Escayg, Creative Director of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Kurt Margenau, the game’s Game Director.

Before the demo, the panel recapped some information that we got from the E3 trailer, explaining that the main characters, Chloe and Nadine, are after the Tusk of Ganesh while on the run from the new villain Asav. They also stated that the game takes place after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but is not tied to it. The demo itself looked pretty much like an Uncharted game. There are big areas to explore, banter between characters, lots of bullets to dodge and lots to fire yourself. Chloe is the main playable character with Nadine acting as a sidekick. The graphics looked amazing, both in cutscenes and gameplay. And there was, of course, that Naughty Dog charm, exemplified in moments such as Nadine’s ability to complain about the brightness of your flashlight if you accidentally shine it in her face.

After the gameplay was shown, the panel discussed the game and answered some questions submitted by fans on FaceBook and Twitter. On how The Lost Legacy will be different from previous Uncharted games, the panel mentioned that the game contains “bigger exploration areas than we’ve ever done before.” The game will also take place solely in India, rather than being a “globe-trotting” adventure like past games. They also stated that what Chloe and Nadine’s relationship is like in the story will affect the gameplay. When they’re working well together, they’ll be more in sync in taking out enemies together. If they’re arguing, they’ll have a rougher time working together in the game.

When asked how Naughty Dog came up with the idea of giving Chloe and Nadine their own game, the panel started off by explaining that they knew Nathan Drake’s story was done after Uncharted 4, so they had to decide what other character(s) to base a DLC around (The Lost Legacy started off as a DLC, but kept getting bigger and bigger until it became its own game). They mentioned that Sully was the obvious choice for the main character of a spin-off title, but that the team at Naughty Dog was much more intrigued with the idea of centering a game around Chloe. They then added Nadine as a sidekick because they thought the clash of Chloe’s “enigmatic” personality and Nadine’s “pragmatic” personality would be interesting to explore. The panel also assured fans that The Lost Legacy will contain plenty of puzzles, collectibles and trophies.

The stream ended with a trailer for Uncharted 4‘s Classic Throwback Multiplayer DLC, which includes 86 customization items and a Ranked King of the Hill mode. The DLC becomes available for the game today and will be included with The Lost Legacy when it comes out on August 22.

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