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Undertale Creator Releases Free Follow-Up

You can play the new game now.

by Dylan Siegler


Cult classic RPG Undertale was released more than three years ago now, but has managed to stay relevant thanks to its various ports, including last year’s PS4 and PS Vita versions, and a Switch version that became available just earlier this year. However, it appears that developer Toby Fox has been using this time to slowly put together something else as well.

Toby Fox recently announced via the official Undertale Twitter that he has been working on a new project, which we now know is called Deltarune, the title of which is both an anagram of Undertale and references a symbol found throughout the 2015 game. This new game has a website of its own, on which Fox seems to ask his community of fans to not discuss specifics of the game for 24 hours. The game is available to download for free from the website, which you can access by clicking here, for Windows and Mac computers in both English and Japanese.

In a long series of Tweets from yesterday (October 30), Fox began teasing what would eventually be the announcement of Deltarune. It was also stated in these Tweets, however, that the game “IS NOT COMPLETE YET… NO IT IS FAR FROM COMPLETE.”

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