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Underwater Kingdom Teased for Super Mario Odyssey

by Kyle Hanson


Underwater levels might not be everyone’s favorite, with tons of examples of terrible design making it through to finished games, but Mario has always had some of the best. Whether it was the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, or the gorgeous globes of Super Mario Galaxy, each has been unique and challenging. And it looks like we’re in for another adventure under the sea with the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account teasing an underwater kingdom for the upcoming Switch exclusive.

Featuring an image of Mario swimming deep beneath the water’s surface in search of a Moon, Odyssey’s replacement for Stars, the pic can easily be used as a phone background if you want to get extra hyped for the game. According to the tweet the pictures are to celebrate summer, which seems like it will never end for those waiting anxiously for the latest 3D Mario game to hit the market.

It’ll certainly be no surprise for Super Mario Odyssey to feature water, even as an entire level’s focus. The series has not shied away from it, despite the bad reputation these levels often have. 3D Mario games are all about how you move within the virtual world, and swimming beneath the sea offers an extra axis to control.

Super Mario Odyssey hits Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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