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Upcoming Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 PTR Adds New Areas, Legendaries & Difficulty Modes

by William Schwartz


Diablo 3 fans better prepare for what is a pretty large PTR that is about to start up for patch 2.3.0. The upcoming patch is set to bring changes all around the game include new areas, new legendaries, and new difficulty modes to name a few.

The announcement of the upcoming PTR came via the official Diablo 3 blog. A few announced changes in the upcoming PTR for patch 2.3.0 are the previously announced new area, Ruins of Sescheron. Those who brave this area and enter the Tomb of King Kanai may leave with his ultimate treasure, Kanai’s Cube. This cube plays into a new artifact which may be familiar to those who played Diablo 2 and utilized the Horadric Cube. Unlike that though, Kanai’s Cube will allow players to break down legendary items and utilize their passive skills which will be completely separate from your already existing passive skills. It will also allow you to convert crafting materials as well.

The crafting system has been updated to allow easier crafting. Adventure mode has its own improvements in patch 2.3.0 where players will be rewarded for completing bonus bounties by receiving an additional Horadric Cache. Each Horadric Cache will also garner act specific materials which is in line with the improved crafting system.


Seasonal changes include new ‘Seasonal Journey’ which tracks each players season and unlocks based on tiers and chapters. This will take effect starting in Season 4. Combat changes are also expected to come that will grant more experience for harder enemies and such changes will also be in rifts as well. Of course new legendaries and sets are also expected to make an appearance with the major update.

Finally, the largest and most important update for fans is that Diablo 3 will be expanding their difficulty levels from Torment 6 to what will be all the ways up to Torment X (10). More to come as the PTR progresses on what these challenges hold, but expect a lot of experience and a heavy gold multiplier. No word yet on when PTR 2.3.0 will go live for PC players, but expect it soon.

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