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Upcoming Project Cars Patch Update Will Improve Xbox One Version’s Performance

by Damian Seeto


Project Cars has now been released in many countries, although some people have encountered some issues. An upcoming patch update will be released to fix the problems.

A Slightly Mad Studios developer wrote the following on NeoGAF:

We are working hard to address issues raised on the initial release. Stay tuned … I can tell you that Xbox One will gain at least 4-7% performance in a patch shortly and address some of the controller issues. Lots more discussion over at

Quite a few people on the official Project Cars forums are noticing some issues with the controls in the Xbox One version of the game. Hopefully the upcoming patch update will fix some of the problems some people have been experiencing.

One other problem people have been having with the Xbox One version of Project Cars is the lack of ability to  join multiplayer lobbies. It’s being said Xbox One gamers just have to get paired up with random players only.

A Project Cars dev said this on the forums: “Okay, I checked and for first party reasons we can’t offer a lobby browser on XB1. But we are looking into ways to improve the XB1 matchmaking.”

Project Cars releases in North America this Tuesday.

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