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Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Avowed is “Obsidian’s Take on Elder Scrolls”

Will Avowed make its mark on the gaming universe?
Avowed character using magic and wielding a sword.

Revealed on the 23rd of July 2020 by the way of an announcement trailer, Avowed piqued the interest of RPG fans around the world. New information has now graced us by the way of a new report on the title. It has been heard that the game may even have an early version of the game available to be played by the studio with the main features and mechanics already held within. Avowed is akin to Obsidian’s own take on The Elder Scrolls series and all the details on it are now flooding in like a swarm of Deadra emerging from a mighty Oblivion portal.

Notably, the experience will be played from a first-person view with a two-handed, first-person combat style which shares its similarities to the Bethesda Game Studios franchise. However, on the flip side, there are many aspects and elements that are known to be different so far. These range from a load-out-based system and different classes thought to significantly different attributes and playstyles. Along with this, there are even destructible environments with vast and diverse visual effects for the player to glorify themselves within.

The official source talks about the fact that Avowed will offer players a more colorful and vibrant environment compared to The Elder Scrolls, likely similar in some ways to Oblivion but apparently having much bigger intertwining connections to The Outer Worlds, a game which Obsidian has had an abundance of positive feedback on. From rolling bucolic forests to glimmering cave systems and entrancing temples all to see, there is a lot on offer for the world of Avowed.

Avowed Announcement Trailer

The combat also does not disappoint with known varied playstyles coming into effect from Wizards to Warriors and there are even status effect spells that can be used against your foes. One of the ones mentioned was ‘Fetid Caress’ which applied a corrosive poison to the player’s enemies. Spells can also be used like in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with two-handed casting present with a longer charge up time and further meticulous animations present.

Enchantments are also seen to be applied to swords and arrows can have similar auras. There is little word on the creature and enemy types in Avowed yet, however, there are wyverns, drakes, and ‘Xaurpris’ which is a lizard-like creature known to prowl the world so far. Given that this is going to be an open-world RPG experience, there will be sure to be a large list of creature types and it will be a thrill finding out more about them and the experience as a whole.

Are you looking forward to Avowed, a game that can be seen to be Obsidian’s take on the Elder Scrolls?

Avowed has no estimated time of release as of the time of writing, however, is said to likely be in a playable state by E3 2022.

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