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Vampyr Getting Two New Difficulty Settings

Story and Hard Modes are coming, as well as "a host of optimization tweaks."

by Dylan Siegler


Last month saw the release of Life is Strange developer DONTNOD’s action-RPG Vampyr. The game garnered mixed to average responses from both fans and critics upon release, something that it looks like they’re trying to rectify in a new update coming later this year.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive recently announced that a major new update is planned to come out for the game sometime this summer. The biggest part of this update will be the addition of two new difficulty settings: Story Mode and Hard Mode. In Story Mode, the difficulty in combat will be toned down quite a bit, allowing those who are new to or just bad at action games to enjoy Vampyr‘s narrative without worrying about getting stuck in a particularly difficult section of the game. On the other hand, Hard Mode does the opposite; it cranks up the difficulty of the game’s combat while also reducing the amount of XP you’ll receive from defeating enemies, giving an extra challenge to those who want it. The update will also apparently include “a host of optimization tweaks,” which will hopefully sort out the game’s various bugs and glitches.

Vampyr is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read our review of the game by clicking here.

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