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Vampyr Release Schedule Revealed

When you'll be able to play it depends on your region and console.

by Dylan Siegler


Next week, DONTNOD’s narrative-driven action-RPG Vampyr will be unleashed upon the world. Though the game’s official release date is June 5, when exactly you’ll be able to download a digital copy varies depending on your region and console.

The official Vampyr Twitter page recently Tweeted out a schedule detailing when the game will be available digitally for different players. PC players will be able to play the game via Steam at 12:01am CEST on June 5, which translates to 3:01pm PST/6:01pm EST/11:01pm BST on June 4. Those planning on downloading the game from the PlayStation Store to play on their PS4 will be “expected” to be able to do so at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST on June 5 in the United States and at 12:01am local time on June 5 in Europe, though this may be subject to change due to the word “expected” appearing next to “PS4” on the schedule. Lastly, Xbox One players will be able to download the game at 12:01am local time on June 5 regardless of region.

Vampyr tells the story of Jonathan Reid, a doctor returning home to London after serving in the first World War, only to be suddenly turned into a vampire. Dr. Reid must now struggle between his beliefs rooted in science and fact and his new nature as a supernatural being, as well as his longing to heal people as a doctor and his newfound desire to kill them as a vampire. You can watch the game’s launch trailer, which was revealed today (June 1), below.

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