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Was Bayonetta 3 Just Teased Today By Its Director?

by Damian Seeto


An announcement for Bayonetta 3 may have been teased already by the series’ director.

As seen by NintendoNews, PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya, may have teased Bayonetta 3 already.

A fan asked him what hairstyle Jeanne would look good with. Kamiya answered on twitter that “the answer will be in Bayo 3 ;)“.

It looks like PlatinumGames will be making Bayonetta 3 sometime in the near future. His response is not a full confirmation, but something to consider remembering.

Nintendo will be doing its digital E3 2015 event later today. It’s unknown yet if PlatinumGames will be there. If they are, will Bayonetta 3 be announced?

Bayonetta 2 was a critical success when it came out last year for the Wii U. Lots of reviewers gave it a perfect score and many gamers feel it was one of the Wii U’s best titles.

It would make sense to make Bayonetta 3 with the second game being so successful critically. Although it may be too early to see the game soon.

Maybe Bayonetta 3 will make its debut on the upcoming Nintendo NX console? Unless of course Kamiya is literally teasing fans and the game won’t be made…

Right now, PlatinumGames is releasing Transformers Devastation. Anything Bayonetta related may have to wait.

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