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Watch the Alpha Betas Premiere Right Here

YouTubers collide with Rick & Morty

by Kyle Hanson


The Alpha Betas premiere is now live on YouTube and you can watch it starting now. The show is a big collaboration between YouTubers, the gaming community, and the creators of Rick & Morty. Fans of VanossGaming (Evan Fong), BasicallyIDoWrk (Marcel Cunningham), I AM WILDCAT (Tyler Wine) and Terroriser (Brian Hanby) will surely be excited for their favorite YouTubers to be featured in this animated show where video games are used to power the world.

We previously discussed the show, with the first trailer available there. However, no trailer is needed anymore with the premiere hitting VanossGaming’s YouTube channel today at 11am Pacific Time. To watch the show just click that link and it should be featured right there, or check it out below.

“In the pilot episode, we meet Alpha Team for the first time as they attempt to restore power to the Southwestern Sector of the national power grid, home to Area 51. To save the world from the ramifications of an alien outbreak they must embark on a Wild West adventure and infiltrate the code of popular open world game, Red Head Intervention. All the non-playable characters have disappeared from the game and outlaw, Two Buck Chuck, is nowhere to be found. It’s up to these four heroes to saddle up and sort it out.”

Featuring animation from Straburns Studio, the producer of Rick & Morty, the show also has some huge voice talent outside of the gaming community. Paget Brewster from Friends, Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chris Parnell from SNL and Rick & Morty, Brent Morin from Chelsea Lately, and John DiMaggio from Futurama are all featured.

Check out the full Alpha Betas premiere at the link above and be sure to watch for future episodes to come in the weeks ahead if you enjoy what you see. For more info on upcoming episodes you can follow the official Alpha Betas Twitter.

Alpha Betas – This is Alpha Team (Pilot Episode)

- This article was updated on:March 14th, 2021

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