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We Happy Few is Still Coming to PS4

Compulsion is Joining Microsoft Game Studios, but it won't impact this release.

by Kyle Hanson


We Happy Few has been a highly anticipated title for some time, with the game’s early access period generating a lot of buzz about this story-driven survival adventure. The game had been planned for release across PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but some news that came out of E3 2018 yesterday had PlayStation fans worried.

With We Happy Few’s developer Compulsion Games getting bought by Microsoft Game Studios, they wondered if the game would still make its way to their preferred platform. I had the chance to ask one of the people behind the game, and can happily report that We Happy Few is still coming to PS4 just as it was originally intended.

According to Sam Abbott, Producer of We Happy Few, the game is hitting PS4 right alongside its Xbox One and PC versions on August 10th, 2018. The decision making process behind this wasn’t really something we discussed, but it’s clear that they want the game to be playable by as many people as possible.

This, of course, makes sense in a business sense, but also because before the acquisition the team was already working on the PS4 version. To cancel it would mean dumping all of that work with little benefit. And besides, the game is being published by Gearbox, with the Microsoft deal seeming to be somewhat separate from this title’s release.

The purchase of Compulsion Games then shows the respect Microsoft has for the team and the games they make. Even though their current game won’t be an exclusive, their next ones will, and the Xbox One stands to benefit greatly from this addition.

Be sure to check back for more about We Happy Few and all the other games from E3 2018. We’ll have our full interview and hands-on preview with a newer build of the game out soon.

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