What Can We Expect From Star Wars Battlefront’s First Trailer?

by Damian Seeto

EA has now confirmed the date and time when will we all see the first real trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. What might it include?

The first full trailer (not teaser) for Star Wars Battlefront will debut on April 17th at 10:30 am Pacific time. EA will be attending the Star Wars celebration event that is happening in April.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be one of the biggest attractions. EA has now shown any real gameplay from the game yet. All we’ve seen are teasers and an early build for the game at E3 last year.

Attendees at the Star Wars Celebration will actually get to see more gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront behind closed doors. There will also be some other activities that people can do at the event as well.

It’s highly likely the first Star Wars Battlefront trailer will have gameplay footage from Hoth and Endor. We might also get to see glimpses of The Force Awakens. It’s rumored the new movie will have some levels in the new game. I have a prediction the prequels won’t be featured much…

Star Wars Battlefront will be out later this year for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What would you like to see from the debut trailer?