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What is Next for Mass Effect? N7 Day Could Give the First Hints

Sequels, prequels, or spinoffs? What's to come for Mass Effect?

by Kyle Hanson


Mass Effect Andromeda was supposed to be the start of a grand, beautiful future for the Mass Effect series. Unfortunately that did not come to pass, with the game’s reception essentially killing any hope of a continuation for that story. But the ME universe is vast, with tons of opportunity for sequels, spinoffs, prequels, and anything else Bioware can come up with. While we haven’t heard much of anything about where the franchise is going, today is N7 Day, when everything Mass Effect is celebrated, and it seems like Bioware is ready to start teasing what’s to come.

In a new video, which you can check out below, Bioware asks “What is N7 Day?” The video then takes you through some of the franchise’s biggest and best moments, all while showing off some of the coolest merch you can buy. Various members of the Bioware team then break down what N7 means to them, including finding fellow fans and understanding the shared connection that brings.

What’s most interesting for fans looking to the future is right at the end when General Manager of Bioware Casey Hudson looks at the camera and says that N7 means “it means coming into the studio every day, dreaming about what the next great Mass Effect game will be.” What will that game be? Hopefully this was a tease of a bigger announcement to come.

N7 Day 2018

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